The Port-A-Poo Family

Port-A-Poo- the classy, hands-free way to carry poop bags (empty or full)!

Need another hand or two? When taking your Pup for a walk, you have the leash in one hand, clicker and treats in the other - so where do you carry the poop bag? Let the leash do it! Bone-shaped Port-A-Poo poop bag holder is the answer! This poop bag holder attaches to the leash and snaps open and closed to keep the poop bag away from you, and Fido, too!

The Port-A-Poo poop bag holder comes in Ruby Red, Passion Pink, Classic Black, Royal Blue and Regal Purple. Port-A-Poo, not only comes in the regular sized poop bag holder, but is also available in small sized Mini Poo, perfect for Retractable leashes or leashes 3/4 inch or smaller.

How it Works

  1. Unscrew your Port-A-Poo with a Phillips Head Screw Driver. (Unscrew your mini-poo with the wrench provided in the plastic bag).
  2. Lay the leash across the inside of one half of your Port-A-Poo/Mini-Poo poop bag holder. (If you wish to attach Mini-Poo with the plastic tie, follow the directions in the plastic bag).
  3. Place the other half on top of the leash and reconnect the screws. (Hint: The closer you place portapoo poop bag holder to your leash handle the easier it is to use)
  4. To use simply open the latch, lay the poop filled bag across the teeth and close the latch. (Hint: The closer the poop in the bag is to the clamp the less likely the bag is to sway and swing on the leash while you walk)

Removable Ties for Mini-Poo

We can provide removable ties for orders with Mini-Poos for those who require a removable solution. Removable ties come in Natural (translucent white) or Black.


  • Port-A-Poo : 3.5” x 2" x 1"
  • Fits up to 1" wide leashes
  • Mini-Poo : 2.5” x 1.5” x .75”
  • Fits up to .75" wide leashes
  • Port-A-Poo is proudly made in the USA!

Patent #8,312,599B2