Our Story

Hi, my name is Madison. I was Mommy's first puppy. I used to be an only puppy, so I was kind of spoiled. I have to admit (please don't tell Mommy) that it did get kinda lonely at times, so I was glad when Zoe moved in to keep me company. I was just sort of used to sharing some of my stuff with Zoe when things really got goofy - when Mommy married Daddy.

Daddy had two puppies as well, so now I had to also share my things, Mommy and Daddy too, with Molly and Sampson. I was not a happy puppy! If it had stopped there it might have been ok, but the craziness wasn't close to being over . Did I mention that Mommy and Daddy love dogs? They love all dogs, especially beagles (it should be obvious why, because we are naturally the best). When Mommy joined a beagle rescue I really got worried 'cause I knew what was coming.

Yep, just as you might have guessed, Mommy was such a wuss that she couldn't stand to see a beagle suffer, so she brought home Chester, and then Lauren, and then Sassy. Just when I thought the torture was over she brought home George! Now I share my home, all my toys, and my Mommy and Daddy with SEVEN "brothers and sisters".

My Mommy and Daddy are the absolute best! Did I tell you that most of us in my pack are rescue dogs? Although there are a bunch of us, I receive all the love I need and so do my brothers and sisters. No one takes care of a puppy better then they do. Now while I love all my brothers and sisters, when Mommy brought home George I finally had to put my paw down and tell Mommy that if she brings home one more puppy "I'm outta here". About then Mommy had a great idea for the Port-A-Poo product. I suggested that instead of rescuing any more puppies, she donate a portion of the profits to a doggie charity or rescue organization. I even suggested she tailor the donation to the charity in a way that will maximize the benefit to other puppies. I guess I still have a say in how to run the house, because she and Daddy quickly agreed!

It was nice chatting with ya, I hope you have a better idea now about how great my "family" is. All through our web site you will find pictures of me and all my brothers and sisters. You might even see a couple of my Mommy, Daddy and two-legged sister in here as well. Thank you for visiting our site and please buy lots and lots of Port-A-Poos so my Mommy won't bring home any new puppy surprises!